Rent is important to be able to maintain your home. It pays for repairs, insurance and council rates.

Every month, your Housing Support Officer sends you a rent account statement. This shows you if all your rent has been paid. Rent should be paid two weeks in advance.

Please include your reference number on all payments. This is how we know the money is from you. If you don’t know your reference number, call us.

Rent can be paid by:

  • Centrepay Centrepay is a free, automated bill paying service. It can be used to pay many types of bills, including rent. You can set up Centrepay to deduct your rent payment from your Centrelink payments using this form.
  • Direct Deposit You can deposit your rent directly into the Many Rivers rental trust account. You must provide your Payment Reference Number with every deposit so we know it is you who has paid the rent. If you don’t know your number, just ask your Housing Support Officer.

BSB: 012 703
Account number: 481 790 495
Ask your Housing Support Officer if you need any assistance.

I was in arrears and made a repayment plan with my Housing Support Officer. It was easy and they really listened to what I could afford. Now I am two weeks ahead…

Many Rivers Tenant, 2018
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